Studio Productions

'More than just music'


My name is Nes Chavanu and I am a electronic music producer who has been producing music for over 8 years now and I would love to share my music, passion and everything I have learned so far with other people. I do this trough my blogs, Instagram page and my Youtube channel that are full of tips and tricks, music and a lot of other cool stuff that I made myself for you to enjoy!

Because I have felt the experience what kind of freedom it gives to be able to tell your own story trough music I want others to have the same experience with less effort so the joy will be at the highest level which will result it much better and much more music because you can spent less time on searching and crafting and more on making music. The way I want to do this is to share all my knowledge, skills, tools, workarounds and powerful habits I have developed through out the years. I’ll be here to give you new inspiration, motivation and education.

As I still learn new things every time I am in the studio I will update this website frequently with new things that I love to share with you.

Take a look around on this website, get inspired and enjoy the music!


Nes chavanu