My story


My name is Nes Chavanu [Nestination] and I am a music producer for more than 8 years.

When I grew up I listen to a lot of diverse music like pop, rock, hiphop but most of the time I was listening to electronic music.

The electronic music I listen to was mostly in genres of Hardcore, (Hard)house Trance, Progressive and Techno.

As I always was fascinated by audio at the age of 18 I started to show some interest in the making of electronic music myself. I started out using the program called Reason (5).

After a few years of exploring and experimenting with different styles I switch to a program called Ableton live (9) and I started to feel I had a certain style that was working for me, I don’t really like to put music into boxes but it lies somewhere between House, Techno, (Pshy) Trance and Progressive. (have a listen on my soundcloud and spotify and jugde yourself!)

As I have a normal day job, I am limited to the time I can spend with my music so all the free time I have is very valuable to me.

The reason why I started this website is that I think a lot of music producers are in the same kind of situation where they have limited time to spend on their music and would love to have some platform where they can find either new inspiration, tips & tricks, templates or even some new (selfmade) sample packs to get creative!

As I am still learning new things every day I will update this website frequently to share my knowledge trough my blogs, newsletters and tutorials.

I hope you will gain some benefits of the content that is one here so you can spend your time wisely and enjoy making music even more!