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Do you love making music and are you always on the search for tips & tricks on how to get better?

If this sounds like you I have some good news!

From now on you will have access to a whole platform full of tips & tricks, sample packs, courses and a lot of other good stuff.

This platform is created from music producers for music producers to enjoy making music even more.

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Tips & Tricks

Are you feeling stuck with your new track
and don’t know how to proceed?
Let me ask you this:
Do you always listen to one specific genre of music?

If so it is likely that you have created some work habits for your music that you use over and over again, right?

Of course this is a natural way of working but instead of listening to the same sort of  music and using the same habits over and over again try to listen to music you don’t like or normally would never listen to yourself,

By doing this try to pay close attention to techniques that are being used musically and production wise, and ask yourself why you don’t like this and really try to explain specific to yourself what it is that you don’t like about the track,

however think that there is someone out there that loves this, figure out what it could be and you will find out that this will help you to get on with your track.

Good luck!

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Well this it for now, hope to see you until the next blog!
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