music producer course

'for the love of music'

Info about the course

As I started out on my journey to make electronic music without any musical background I always found myself trapped in the same issues over and over again;

‘How can I make my kick sound more full’

‘How to make good percussion?’

‘What kind of reverb and what amount to use?’

‘What do I have to do to make my song more interesting?’

‘How to proceed after the breakdown’?

and most important: ‘Where can I find all the answers to my questions?!’

I was always on the search on Youtube for videos with the answers.Most of the time I got lost in the amount of (bad) content that was out there or through the upcoming commercials that got me distracted, I never found a channel that had it all.

So after several years of exploring the internet for good content and after several years of making music I decided that it was time to make a course with videos with all the knowledge and content I collected trough out the years.

The videos in this course are for you to enjoy to make it more easy and more fun to start making music!

What you will get

instruction videos

You will get full HD instruction video's that you have a life time acces to.

Free downloads

You will be able to download all the content that is being used in this course (sample packs, templates, excel sheets etc.) for free.


Making music is not only about your production skills, it is also about your mental attitude/ mindset. I will take you through some useful tips and tricks on how to improve on your mindset as I think this is a very important skill that most of the courses out there these days forget about.

10% Discount on sample packs

Once you have purchased this course you will get a personal discount link of 10% for all sample packs in the webshop at

Personal feedback

This course is included with a personal feedback program for 1 track via email.

Access to 'Passion for music' FB gr.

You will get a lifetime acces to the 'Passion For Music' facebook group where you can discuss your work with other producers and get your hands on some useful tools for free.