Products with a vision
Welcome to the realm of product photography, where every click has the potential to transform your brand's identity. We specialize in capturing the essence of your products through expertly crafted images that tell a compelling story.
At Nestination, we understand that visuals play a pivotal role in today's competitive market. From e-commerce to advertising campaigns, our goal is to provide you with images that go beyond the ordinary. We believe that every product has a story, and it's our mission to narrate it through striking visuals that resonate with your target audience. Experience the impact of professional product photography on your brand's success. For examples see portfolio.
Product Photography Package:
"On White" or ''On black'' Product Photography:
"On White" or "On Black" product photography refers to a style of product photography where the item is photographed against a pure white or black background respectively. This technique is commonly used to emphasize the product's features, details, and colors, creating a clean and professional look.
Stylized Product Photography:
Stylized product photography is a creative approach to showcasing products that goes beyond traditional methods. It involves using unique compositions, lighting techniques, props, and settings to add personality, storytelling, and visual interest to the images.
10-30 Second Listing Video:
A 10-30 second listing video is a concise and impactful visual representation of a product, service, or property, typically used for marketing and promotional purposes. These short videos are designed to quickly capture the viewer's attention, convey key selling points, and encourage engagement or action within a brief timeframe.
5+ edited Photos:
A set of 5+ edited photos refers to a collection of professionally captured images that have undergone post-production editing to enhance their visual appeal, quality, and overall impact. These edited photos are often used for various purposes, including personal keepsakes, social media posts, marketing materials, or portfolio showcases.
Creative Direction:
Creative direction is the process of guiding and overseeing the artistic vision and execution of a project, campaign, or production. It involves setting the overall creative concept, tone, style, and messaging to ensure alignment with the desired objectives and brand identity.
Props are objects or items used to enhance the visual appeal, storytelling, and context of a scene or setting in various creative endeavors, including photography, film, theater, and events. These objects can range from small handheld items to larger pieces of furniture or decor, and they are selected and strategically placed to complement the subject matter and convey specific messages or themes.
Optional Add-Ons:
Monthly content with fixed prices:
Monthly content with fixed prices refers to a subscription-based service where clients receive a predetermined amount of content on a recurring basis for a set monthly fee. This content can include articles, blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, videos, graphics, or any other form of media depending on the client's needs and preferences.
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Making it personal with Portrait Photography
Capture your best moments with our professional portrait photography package. Whether you're looking for stunning individual portraits, captivating couple shots, or memorable family portraits, we will bring out your unique essence and create timeless images that you'll cherish forever. From posed portraits to candid moments, we'll ensure that every image reflects your personality and style. For examples see portfolio.
Portrait photography package:
Pre-Shoot Consultation:
We'll discuss your vision, preferences, Location and any specific requirements you have for the photoshoot.
Multiple Poses and Angles:
We'll capture a variety of poses and angles to showcase your best features and expressions.
Editing and Retouching:
Each image will undergo professional editing and retouching to enhance colors, contrast, and overall appearance.
High-Resolution Digital Images:
Receive high-resolution digital images of your portraits, ready for printing or sharing online.
Online Gallery:
Access a private online gallery where you can view, download, and share your images with friends and family.
Satisfaction Guarantee:
We're committed to ensuring your satisfaction with the final results. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll work with you to make it right.
(Customizable based on specific requirements)
Pricing may vary depending on factors such as location, duration of the photoshoot, number of individuals, additional editing requests.
Additional services such as makeup can be arranged upon request for an extra fee.
Travel fees may apply for locations outside our standard service area.
Terms and conditions apply.
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Elevate Your Event with Professional Photography/Film
Capture the essence of your special occasion with our professional event photography package. These photos serve as lasting memories, capturing the essence of special moments shared with friends, family, or colleagues. Don't let your event's precious moments fade away. Contact us today to book our event photography package and ensure that your memories are preserved for a lifetime. For examples see portfolio.
Event Photography Package:
Choose from our customizable package options to suit your event's needs and budget.
Pre-Event Consultation:
Discuss your event details, preferences, and specific photography requirements to ensure we capture your vision.
Event Coverage:
We will cover your event for the specified duration, capturing candid moments, group shots, and all the highlights.
High-Quality Images:
Receive a collection of professionally edited, high-resolution digital images that showcase the best moments of your event.
Online Gallery:
Access a private online gallery where you can view, download, and share your event photos with friends, family, and guests.
Optional Add-Ons:
Second Photographer: Enhance coverage with an additional photographer to capture more angles and moments.
Drone Photography: 
Capture stunning aerial shots of your venue and event with our drone photography services.
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